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Opens July 11  at 5pm

Since 2018, dance artists Ilana Reynolds and Sabrina Huth have been investigating the question of how to encounter a body that is not there. They have never met in person. 

Stories of Absence is an interdisciplinary performance installation envisioned as a living archive that unfolds a collection of written stories, live performance (dance) and video. It is part of a larger artistic research project called Imagined Choreographies. In collaboration with visual artist and filmmaker Ester Eva Damen and architectural designer Joris Berger, Huth and Reynolds relate their personal experience to other people's stories of absence, the experience of someone being there and not there at the same time.

Festive opening: July 11 5pm-9pm
Exposition July 11-August 2
Workshops scheduled on Sundays 
More information on this page https://imaginedchoreographies.com/


July 18th at 15.00u and 20.30

On the 18th of July, project choir Boeuf Majeur shakes loose the bonds of quarantaine. Led by Tristan Knelange, the choir will explore the emotional experience of quarantaine: restriction, self-discipline, longing, pain, submission and finally release and celebration.
The repertoire ranges from baroque (Bach, Lotti) and romantic (Bruckner) to 20th century composers (Schnittke, Poulenc, Weill, Vaughan Williams and Jonkers) and even some pop tunes.

While the concert celebrates the (partial) lifting of corona restrictions, conductor, singers and audience will all act in full compliance with existing social distancing rules for singing and public events. This is made possible by the enormous space of the NDSM-loods, through which the audience is allowed to roam freely in search of the most comfortable (or tense - if so desired - ) experience. Visitors are encouraged to simultaneously experience both music and the visual art of NDSM-fuse gallery, which has generously offered its space to host this much longed-for event.

Boeuf Majeur @ NDSM-fuse: B(NDS)M
July 18th
Matinee concert starts at 15 PM
Evening concert starts at 20:30 PM
Duration: 1h to 1h15m
Location: NDSM-fuse, located at NDSM-plein 

The concert may feature a form of audience participation. 
More information and tickets: boeufmajeur.nl / boeufmajeur@gmail.com


'It’s about a girl’

Exhibition from July 24 till August 2

Works of art by a group of artists painting together every week in the old Cinetone building. The female body is their source of inspiration. The nude models may sit still, or are moving or dancing. The members of the group each offer their own free interpretation. With a.o. Erik Theissing, Patty van Hoften, Thijske Akerboom, Heleen Heintjes, Stijn Schenk, Hadewych Cels.


“Met twee vingers in je neus door de Corona-crisis”
5 juni 2020-1 september 2020

As during the last couple of months we have found ourselves in a spatio-temporal curve we have decided to not reopen Fuse with NDSM-Expo show VIII but instead with an "in-between" show titled 7.13. dedicated to the Corona Crisis and all it's implications; what has happened in these strange past months and what's our new reality or what do or don't we want it to be.

 The artists and creators of the NDSM are inspired by images of Death, Lonelyness, Wodka, Icehockey, Elbowsneezing, Home made masks, Charts, True and Fakenews, Conspiracy theories, Solitary coughing, the new normal, 1,5 meter society and Clorox enema's, to name a few.



Claywoman meets you
25 years Ellen van Baal

August 3-September 1

A wonderful exhibition with an overview of 25 years of ceramic art by Ellen van Baal.



You can't Paint that
Smash the Narrative Art Prize 2020
Will return in September

Due to the Corona crisis and it's subsequent closure of our Venue this wonderful exhibition had been on display for only a couple of days. Luckily we were able to reschedule so you can come visit in September.

Thought-provoking art from all around the world is brought together by Smash The Narrative. You are welcome to visit and to vote for the public prize award.

Now in its second year, the Smash the Narrative art prize brings together artists from around the world to present works centered around a current and controversial topic.

 This year’s theme is You Can't Paint That! which revolves around issues of freedom of speech, taboo and censorship. How does it feel as a creator to be told what you can and cannot say? Are we entering a dystopian nightmare where even opinions dating back decades can be held against you? Has freedom of speech gone too far in enabling extremism and needs to be reeled in?

The exhibition will juxtapose the works of a large number of artists from all over the globe taking a wide range of approaches to such questions using a variety of different mediums in the hope of provoking thought and discussion among the public.

 www.smashthenarrative.com for program details!



Casuluz light installation by Tiago Sa da Costa 
More info on this project on http://www.tiagosadacosta.eu/casuluz-instalation


Cadavre Exquis is an ongoing art project by Hopebox and can be joined and experienced on the Fuse floor by all our visitors!   


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