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November & December



The shape of things to come
October 11 till January 9
Curated by Rombout Oomen

Subtitled The shape of things to come, this exposition will show not only the finished artworks but also how those artworks came into being and reached their final shape.

Henk Schut - Interactive installations
Danielle Kwaaitaal - Photography
Daniel Mullen - Paintings
Marjolijn Stappers - Graphic Design
Dennis Mulder -Woodwork/Furniture
Studio Wesseling - Heraldics
KViKSØLV Suzan Hidding - Jewellery
A brand to B Barbara vanSchaijk - Jewellery
Roderique van Hulsen - Iron/steel/silver
O'Gem Olga lakymovych - Jewellery/Gems


Vetarm. A Photoexhibition by Willeke Duijvekam

Complementary to the play Vetarm by theatre company Parels voor de Zwijnen, photographer Willeke Duijvekam shows her photoexhibition VETARM at Fuse. Willeke aims to show as many sides as possible of the personalities and rich lives of her heavy subjects.

The exhibition runs until December 22. Entrance is free and everybody is most welcome!  


Pop-Up expo
Its All About Expression
Paintings and collages by Femke Moedt

Femke is an Amsterdam based artist, who studied at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy, where she obtained a diploma in Fine Arts in 2010.
Her collages and paintings are made by intuition. They are representations of a complex, layered inner world and lived through emotions.

This Pop-up expo can be seen from december 1 until december 8. 



Mistral Gagnant: Tracing Van Gogh

Fuse is very proud that we got the opportunity to host this unique exposition of works of art, made by the inhabitants of the psychiatric hospital Saint-Paul de Mausole. Vincent van Gogh was a patient in this hospital, situated in an old convent in the Provence, during the year 1889. His doctors encouraged his painting and during his stay he produced over 150 paintings.

Art kept playing an important role in this hospital and in 1995 dr.Jean Marc Boulon established the foundation Valetudo, making a dream of Vincent van Gogh come true: a save haven in the south of France for people to come together and paint. The foundation offers the patients the possibility to attend art therapy classes. Their artwork has been on display all over the world and can now be seen at NDSM Fuse.

Hannah van Tassel, Hester Breunissen and Yasmin van Dorp were introduced to the hospital Saint-Paul-de-Mausole while filming their graduation film 'Un Chanteur Invisible'. They met with Dr. Boulon, and even shot a scene of their film in the hospital. Together with the hospital, they have arranged an exposition of the works of the patients in Amsterdam at NDSM Fuse.

Mistral Gagnant opens on December 12, 4.30pm and can be seen until December 22.


Now @Fuse Casuluz light installation by Tiayo Sa da Costa 
More info on this project on


Cadavre Exquis is an ongoing art project by Hopebox and can be joined and experienced on the Fuse floor by all our visitors!   


Tekstschrijven voor kunstenaars

Je bent kunstenaar en wilt een tekst over je eigen werk schrijven? Je moet een aanvraag doen voor een subsidie maar krijgt het niet op papier?
In deze cursus wordt in een korte reeks lessen een handvat gegeven voor het schrijven van een goede tekst....

Iedere maandag om 19u vanaf 2 september
Locatie: NDSM Fuse, Kunststad, NDSM plein, Amsterdam.

min 2 – max 10 deelnemers
E15,- per les ; NL94 INGB 0004846679 t.n.v. Stichting la Jetée
inschrijven en info: 


NDSM-plein 29
1033 WC Amsterdam



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