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NDSM Fuse will open again on June 5 5PM with a wonderful new exposition about the artists take on Corona and all its implications.  Opening party starts at 5pm and will continue the entire weekend.

Also, should you be tired of all those online shows/dance events/performances and ready to go out of your houses and into the streets to a real live theatre near you? Come to NDSM Fuse this June for a range of short sweet live performances, to be announced asap. We will program a number of live shows for a small audience: Bands, Spoken Word, Dance, Theatre etc. Check this site for details and dates.   

In June 30 people at a time are allowed in and we have lots of space to keep the 1,5 meter distance. So get out of your houses and absorb some culture and food and drink. Looking forward to finally see you all again! 

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NDSM Fuse facilitates an event and exhibition space at the NDSM wharf where artists and designers from NDSM Art City and creative talent from outside can present their work to an international audience. A place of inspiration and urban energy. NDSM Fuse is a unique meeting place with a wide spectrum of art, design, performances, music and theatre on offer.

NDSM Loods through the big blue door, up the stairs on the left
Opening hours Wednesday through Sunday 12pm til 6pm
We are open during the IJMarket



All year round Fuse presents an exhibition of works of the artists of the NDSM Shipyard. Every three months the exhibition and concept changes. 


Free Exposition Space

The rear of NDSM Fuse is a big free for all kinds of artists. All year round you can visit expositions, art installations, theatre and music performances, etc. Should you be interested in organizing/exhibiting something yourself, please send your concept to We will let you know asap If we think your idea fits NDSM Fuse and if so, invite you to discuss the possibilities.



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NDSM-plein 29
1033 WC Amsterdam



Telefoon +31 (0)6 2150 6113 


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